Do I feel Lucky? Well Do I… Word press?

A long and dusty road lay before the tired Cowboy as he gasped for a thirst quenching glimmer of hope in this savage land.

James was an outlaw, an imposter in a site builder software he didn’t fully understand. This world he walked through with the brim of his hat obscuring the Heat, Tumbleweed and Miles of Light.

The Cowboy walked on (looking for his cows presumably?) Past vast mountains of code, onwards to the town of ‘Webdemption’ Many-a-man has sought them but few have found its secrets.

Time after time the Cowboy would fall to his knees and scream to the skies, ‘Why is this not working?’ ‘What is that shortcut in Photoshop?” “Where oh where is my content?”

The Cowboys head was bleeding and quite badly bruised from banging his head on the desk repeatedly and the afternoon sun had disappeared in a haze of Filezilla directory lisitings.

Darkness had fallen across the land and as night closed in, the Cowboy breathed a sigh of relief as he settled down to sleep underneath a blanket of stars.

He had heard from the Coyote that tomorrow Would be Warm with slight chance of Websites.


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