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‘Good Plan Gone To Waste’ Music Video


James Noon certainly has the Midas touch when it comes to his music.

Classically trained from an early age, James dedicated himself as a young child to perfecting all genres as a guitarist and composer. Inspired by great songwriters and musicians such as Van Morrison, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and The Eagles to name but a few.

Soaking in the influences of Jazz, Country, Blues and Folk music has allowed James to craft a unique sound with striking references to the legends of Guitar; Clapton, Martyn and Knopfler whilst also allowing world music strands to move seamlessly throughout his songs.

A heady 4 Years at the University of St Andrews gave James the chance to ‘cut his teeth’ on the University circuit. Forming several bands including Jazz Trio’s and Quartets and even taking the lead in a 9 piece Funk/Soul band, James gigged his way to a professional standard and worked his way and music into student life.

In 2009 James started up Meridiem Records Ltd. An independent label, from which he could launch and publish his own material.

The debut release on Meridiem Records is the long awaited ‘Astral’. A completely individual endevour on which James wrote, played, recorded and produced all of the tracks himself. “It’s very important to me to retain artistic control and vision. By doing the whole thing myself it gives me an opportunity to indulge in my musicality and to experiment with new ideas and techniques”

The concept for ‘Astral’ (a ‘nod’ to Van Morrison’s ‘Astral Weeks’) was to create a series of individual songs inspired by life, aspirations, love and dreams. A spiritual understanding of the world, metaphorical in narrative whilst heavily grounded in the pop format.

His debut single, the beautiful ‘Lothian Blue’ takes the listener to the white sandy beaches of the East coast of Scotland, whilst ‘Train to Georgia’ is a lamenting ride into the Mid-West.
Upbeat classics such as ‘Somebody to Love’ and ‘Good Plan Gone To Waste’ clearly show Noon’s talent as a gifted songwriter and musician, with pitch perfect precision on lead guitar, that leaves the listener humming the melody long after the Car engine has stopped purring – perfect driving music.

His debut album ‘Astral’ is a fusion of musical influences across all genres. His lyrics paint dream-scapes designed to provoke response and emotion, all inspired by the most personal of experiences.

James has everything to play for with the release of ‘Astral’ in July 2010 on Meridiem Records and his long awaited entrance into the world of professional entertainment does not disappoint.

If Astral is a taster of things to come, we at Meridiem Records are ‘praying for a little bit more’ from James.

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