List of Services

Recording and Instrumentation: Meridiem Studios is equipped with a huge array of guitars, basses, pianos, amps, percussion and drum kit. We also have high quality microphones for acoustic and vocal recording. We like live instruments here!

Session Musicians: We can provide top notch session musicians to give your music that truly professional standard.

Composition and Arrangement: Under the guidance of James Noon (Producer and Composer) we can turn your songs into fully fledged tracks. Working closely with the client to create truly remarkable music in a wide variety of musical genres (Jazz, Blues, Rock, Indie, Country, Folk, World and more)

Mixing/Editing: Finely tuning the track to gain the very best sound.

Mastering: Using high quality processors to add that final sparkle to your music to make it stand out above the rest

Licensing, Copyright and Distribution: Probably the most overwhelming and challenging aspect to Independent releases. We can take you through the whole process so that you have complete understanding of how the industry can work for you, or you can leave it to us and we will take care of everything to get your songs in digital stores all over the world.

Sync Music for TV, Film and Media: Meridiem Records also has a huge library of music and jingles for Multi-Media applications. If you have a project that requires music please get in touch.

For more info on services and pricing please email with your questions.

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